Imported products Thailand

Finest imported products Thailand

Imported products
Imported products

Finest imported products in  Thailand


Fresh products imported

such as Vegetable Fruit Mushroom Cress Tomato



IQF & FROZEN  Fruits & Vegetables

We know the best how to preserve maximum freshness and nutrients.

Blueberries and cranberries in particular contain very beneficial antioxidant properties helpful in the fight against heart disease, cancer, urinary tract infections and cataracts.


Cheese imported from Europe

Our cheese are almost from Europe including France, Italy, Switzerland, and etc.


Middle food imported 

Cous Cous In Fine, Flower Water, Halva Plain, Halva Pistachio, Molakia In Tins


Dried products import such as Nut, Seed, Bean, Dried Vegetable, Dried Fruit, Dried Mushroom

pine nut, pistachio walnut, lentil, almond, vanila pot, cajun, oregano, taragon, poppy seed, caraway, beans


Processed such as Parma ham



Various groceries 

Rock Salt, Vegemite, Pommery mustard, Peanut Butter, Nutella Portions , Mint Jelly, Rose Water


Pal’s chef hat 

Master chef hat, Mesh Hat, Disinfectant Wipes, Piping Bags



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VITAFRESH ( Finest imported products ) with over 3 decades of experience can guarantee quality and service.