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vegetable imported fruit imported Fresh Product

Fresh Product fruit vegetable imported

With over 40 years of experience in fruit and vegetable imported,

we have successfully known how and where to get the freshest fruit and vegetable imported from all around the world. We simply out stands our competitors in terms of quality and value.

Vita fresh delivers fresh products in a fleet of temperature controlled vehicles to any destination designated by the customers throughout Thailand.

Our Fresh Products  ( Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Mushrooms imported )

Products Origin Packing
Avocado NZ 28 pcs / box
Avocado USA/AU 30 pcs / box
Avocado NZ 24 pcs / box
Blueberry USA 12×170 g / box
Black berry USA 12×170 g
Raspberry USA 12×170 g
Strawberry NZL 3.75 kg / box
Strawberry USA 8*454 g / box
Cherry USA 5 kg  / box
Celeriac EU 5 kg
Fresh Fig AUS 1 to 1.20 kg
Fresh Kiwi USA 113-115 pcs /10 kg box
Physalis (gooseberry) COL 12*100 g. / box
Red current EU 1 kg
White Asparagus PER / NLD  5 kg
Witlof Red EU 2 kg / box
Witlof Whtie EU 5 kg / box
Salsify EU 5 kg
Radish EU 15 kg

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VITAFRESH ( Finest imported fresh product fruit and vegetable imported )

with over 4 decades of experience can guarantee quality and service.

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