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Pal CHEF HAT premium quality from UK, Forage Hat, Face Mask, Mob Cap, Piping Bag, Wipes, Mesh Hat , Continental, Master chef hat

Chef Hat
Pal International Chef Hat Forage Hat, Face Mask, Mob Cap, Piping Bag, Wipes, Mesh Hat , Continental, Master chef hat

Chef hat by Pal International is the best quality with the most luxurious and classic classic style of Chef’s hat

Vitafresh proudly presents quality Pal’s products as we have been being distributor Pal chef’s hat for over 30 years in Thailand since 1989.

Pal international is also very popular world wide

Due to Pal only selects almost the best quality of raw material for each production line such as

strong crisp paper which the size can be adjusted

light and soft crêpe paper

a soft and strong nonwoven fabric

So first of all,

Pal international was also certified world wide standard including

ISO 9001 standard as a quality management system , ISO 13485 with reference to Medical devices, ISO 14001 in response to Environment & sustainability, BRC in accordance with Consumer Quality Management and in addition Halal Standard

PAL International: This is a UK-based company that manufactures and distributes disposable workwear, including headwear. Their hats are primarily utilitarian, designed for safety and hygiene in workplaces like food service, healthcare, or manufacturing. They offer disposable bouffant caps, mob caps, and skull caps made from materials like non-woven polypropylene.

Functions of a Chef’s Hat: A Summary

Chef’s hats, also known as toques, are more than just a culinary accessory; they play a crucial role in the kitchen. Here’s a summary of their primary functions:

Maintaining Hygiene and Sanitation:

  • Preventing Hair Contamination: The primary function of a chef’s hat is to prevent hair from falling into food, ensuring food safety and hygiene in the kitchen.
  • Sweat Absorption: Chef’s hats are often made from cotton, which helps absorb sweat and prevents it from dripping onto food, which could contaminate or affect the taste of the dishes.


  • Air Circulation: The tall shape of chef’s hats promotes air circulation, helping to reduce heat in the kitchen. This can make chefs more comfortable and work more efficiently in hot kitchen environments.

Enhancing Professional Appearance:

  • Professional Image: The classic white, tall chef’s hat contributes to a professional image, making chefs more recognizable and creating a sense of trust and expertise among customers.



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    MOB CAP หมวกตัวหนอน หมวกม็อบ หมวกคลุมผม

    Crepe Forage hats หมวกกระดาษ หมวกออกอาหาร

    Pleated Chefs Toque หมวกเชฟกระดาษ หมวกเชฟทรงสูง หมวกเชฟทรงยุโรป

    Grande Toque Pal หมวกเชฟทรงสูง ดั้งเดิม หมวกเชฟทรงสูง จีบรอบ

    CONTINENTAL CHEFS HAT หมวกเชฟกระดาษ หมวกเชฟกระดาษทรงสูง  จีบรอบ